The Industrial and Office
Real Estate Brokers Association


We would use more noble words such as networking, education and professional development. But, let's be blunt: the main reason you join professional associations is to enhance your earning power.

From an original 33 members in 1927 who hailed from New York City, Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark, IOREBA has grown to over 260 members located throughout NJ, NY, PA, CT and other states.

It is one of the nation's largest regional organizations, and is the oldest office and industrial real estate brokers association in the United States.

Educational and Networking Events

IOREBA holds six(6) to eight(8) educational/networking events throughout the year. Each year the events and distinguished speakers cater to the "hot topics" in the commercial real estate field at the time. For Example, in the fall of 2014 IOREBA held a cocktail hour followed by a panel presentation of industry experts discussing "the wave of industrial speculative development and investment in New Jersey."

Membership in IOREBA Provides
  • Educational and Networking Events with distinguished guest speakers.
  • Professional education to help sharpen your business skills in allied fields.
  • Networking with brokers, owners, developers and others.
  • An opportunity to develop strategic friendships within the industry. 
  • Access to market information.


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