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Value of IOREBA Membership

At its core, IOREBA aims to help its 260+ members benefit from shared relationships and experiences. We build this value through two key avenues: networking and education. Within our organization, the two go hand-in-hand as creators of opportunity. The bottom-line result for members? Enhanced earning power.

Clearly, when times are tougher it is good to nurture relationships that provide opportunities. Yet IOREBA’s goal is to be invaluable to members regardless of the economic climate. We understand that the most effective professionals are those whose knowledge base extends beyond their niche. Because commercial real estate is a diverse industry, and IOREBA is diverse in its membership, we offer great depth and breadth. 

Value Of Membership:
  • An opportunity to develop strategic friendships within the industry
  • Networking with brokers, owners, developers, and others
  • Professional education to help sharpen your business skills in allied fields
  • Member's profile which includes headshot & Bio will be posted on IOREBA's website
  • Member's Company will be added to professional directory
  • Participate in a committee or lead a committee for events
  • Invite your favorite developer to attend IOREBA's holiday party at no charge
  • Grow your industry relationships to elevate your business
  • Reduced cost to attend events (typical $25-$40 savings per event)

Our foremost objective is to ensure that those who attend our meetings take away useful information and/or learn something they can apply in the workplace. IOREBA’s executive committee encourages all members to get involved in the group’s leadership, to bring new ideas and approaches. This, in turn, helps us continue to offer programming that compels members to attend – not just because it’s another meeting but because the content holds value.

Active Membership: $125 — APPLY NOW
(Only Licensed Real Estate Brokers)

Associated Membership: $175 — APPLY NOW 
(all others)

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